Mindfulness and Stress Management


Everyone experiences stress. However, prolonged periods of stress have a serious impact on our physical and emotional well-being, leaving us feeling exhausted, depressed and unable to cope.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a way to manage stress. It is a relaxation technique which aims to restore calm to our mind and body. Over time, this calming process helps to repair our mind and body and so prevent further physical damage.

When meditating, our heart rate and breathing slow down, using oxygen more. This allows us to restore our natural equilibrium.

What are the Benefits?

Mindfulness lowers anxiety and stress levels, minimising panic attacks, improves creativity, problem solving, memory, comprehension and focus, as well as generally improving your sense of well-being.

How Mindfulness Can Help You

We provide a range of meditation and relaxation classes from beginners to experienced meditators. Our aim is to help you release stresses and anxieties and gain feelings of calm peacefulness, leaving every session feeling that you’re confident and in control.

Learn mindfulness and enjoy peaceful relaxation techniques. I specialise in visualisation techniques, often with relaxing music to enhance the experience. Classes run weekly and can be booked ahead or on the day, click here for more information or to book a class.

Come along to experience the wonderful benefits that Mindfulness can offer you. I run a popular course which you can join at any time.

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Mindfulness and Stress Management SML

Mindfulness Meditation & Stress Management

Relaxation triggers the para-sympathetic  nervous system restoring balance on all levels. Meditation can take stress, burnout and depression out of your life.

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