Take a leap of faithMany of my posts will be about loving ourselves because no one is ever going to love you more than you love yourself.

So how do we do it?  The answer is by taking one step at a time, by re-programming your mind differently, by helping you understand the connection between the vocabulary you use, your feelings and ultimately, the way you behave. Together we’ll try to make sense of it.

It’s time for us to take a leap of faith and to learn to listen to our own inner voice again/instinct.

As a baby or a child we trusted our own instincts implicitly.  We knew exactly what we did or didn’t want.  When something didn’t feel quite right, we simply moved on to a different game, or played with other friends.

We still have this powerful instinct within us but we’ve become experts at ignoring it!  We need to tune back into it again and listen to what it is telling us, trusting it to guide us to what is right for us.

When we are excited about something, we get ‘butterflies’.  Learn to trust this state of excitement as being a sign that this something is right for you and just let go of the ‘yes but…’

We can be very harsh judges of ourselves.  The truth is that we are never ‘too old’, ‘too young’ or ‘not gifted enough’.  We just need to believe in ourselves and go for it.

If we’re passionate about something, we will succeed!  When Richard Branson was asked how he had become so successful, he replied “I surrounded myself with passionate people”.

So make your own success, play the game that gives you butterflies and brings the passion back in your heart.  Shape the next decade of your life.  Please do trust me you CAN do it!  🙂 x