Are you constantly eating but still hungry?How to lose weight by nourishing your body and your mind

Do you find yourself in a cycle of eating and soon thereafter, feeling hungry again? Are you gaining weight or know you need to lose weight but can’t stop feeling hungry? Here’s probably why:

Despite our food portions getting bigger, the nutritional value our food gives us is declining. Fast food, ready meals, diet sandwiches, sugary snacks, processed and refined foods – all of these are so poor in vitamins, minerals and healthy proteins that we are starving on a cellular level.

Your body is made from water and living cells that have to be fed vitamins and minerals in order to survive. Our skin replaces itself every 35 days, our liver once a month. Our body makes these new cells from the foods we eat.

When we eat foods that stop hunger but don’t give us the nutrients our bodies need to regenerate these cells, our bodies stay hungry and send signals to our brains to eat more.  This constant eating adds to weight gain without giving our body what it needs.

We all know that the ideal would be to fill our plates with fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and lean proteins, but with the best of intentions, our busy lives often get in the way of this food ideal. Even when we try diets, old habits kick in and temptation takes over. When we don’t see results fast, we give up.

The solution

After working with many clients who battle with weight loss, I realised that a two-pronged approach was needed to get the best results:

  1. Mental and emotional retraining
  2. Easy to follow meals that feed bodies at a cellular level and that fit into busy lifestyles

After researching the many food options available on the market, I chose the Cambridge Diet plan as the best solution for my weight loss clients. For over 30 years Cambridge has invested in research and development to ensure their food packs provide the perfect daily allowance of 30 vitamins, minerals and proteins, which feed the body at a cellular level.

With Cambridge, average weight loss is 1 stone a month. The meals allow the stomach to retract back to its normal size, which should be the size of a fist.

But no-one wants to live on food supplements forever. Food brings joy to life. Which is why I support my clients mentally and emotionally as they work through the Cambridge plan. I educate them on which foods offer the same nutritional value as the meal packs and how to add those to their diets going forward. I combine this with NLPmindfulness and hypnotherapy to help clients let go of old eating habits and replace them with more helpful ones.

The result? Healthier, happier, slimmer clients who lose the weight for good.

Changing our diet will only take us so far. We need to retrain our brain and the way it thinks about food.

Let’s do this together so that your body and brain are nourished and you can embrace a new you.

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