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Everyone wants to be confident, competent, capable, at ease and able to cope with whatever life throws at them. We are all expected to be confident, but sometimes, your confidence can disappear. It might have just ebbed away over the years, leaving you feeling that you’re not quite yourself.

But just as your confidence left you, it can be regained, restored to its former levels and even boosted to overcome long-term or very low confidence.

I have worked with a wide variety of clients ranging from children to professional business people who have found themselves struggling to be the confident people they wish to be.

How I Can Help You:

Using hypnotherapy, I work with you to help you understand the root of your loss of confidence.

In a calm, relaxing and professional environment I help you bring about permanent changes in your attitudes so that you gain confidence again, losing your fears, doubts and insecurities. As part of the course, I also include an element of NLP to increase its effectiveness.

Please look at the Counselling Treatments for more information and to book online or get in touch with me.


Counselling Amersham

Counselling ...

... is about helping you to understand why you do the things that make you unhappy and stop you from getting where you want to go.

Complementary Therapies

Complementary Therapies

I practise several therapies including hypnotherapy and will use these in conjuction with counselling techniques, helping you to make sense of your feelings and overcome difficulties you may face.

Counselling Valerie

Speak to Valerie ... 

... and find out how we can work together in my consulting room or online.


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